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Denise Smith-Hunter Photography

Denise Smith-Hunter has a unique view of the world and enjoys sharing that view with others through her photography.  She always keeps her camera close so she can capture whatever image has grabbed her attention. Her nature based photography ranges from photos of the way snow fell, to the night sky, to adorable animals.

Denise has several pieces of work on display matted and ready for personalized framing as well as some pre-framed ones ready to go home.  Some of the work featured on the website may not be immediately available but just send a message or give us a call and Mobile Glass can get the print you want ordered!


5" x 7" Prints: $21.99 + HST

8" x 10" Prints: $35.99 + HST

More sizing options are available dependent on prints - just send us a quick message to find out!

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